Broadcast EP

by The Dimes

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Broadcast - About the Record

A little reverb can be a very powerful thing.

For a band that had previously drawn inspiration from Depression-era newspapers, 1930’s opera singers, the woman’s suffrage movement and long-forgotten abolitionists, The Dimes are having a new love affair with something very simple.

Their latest EP, “Broadcast”, draws its inspiration from a single sound - an open-G chord played just-right through a 1960’s Fender Princeton, with way too much reverb. Says guitarist J Clay “that tone was really the spark for a lot of these songs. We got some new amps and we just couldn’t stop listening to the damn reverb, it became an addiction. I’d just sit around the house all weekend, strumming a G chord every way I could, going ‘holy crap that sounds good!’”.

Of course, the sounds wouldn’t matter much if the songs weren’t there, but writing great melodies is probably the one thing these guys have always done well. From the opening bars of the uptempo-romp “Love and Oceans”, to the closing moments of laid-back bliss in “Mr. Stowe“, this is Americana Pop at it’s best: Harmony-laden hooks abound, all wrapped in a blanket of glorious reverb. Lovely.


Booking: Brooklyn Baggett


We love working with independent filmmakers and businesses. Reach out if you'd like to use our music in something, or even need a custom composition etc.


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released April 12, 2011



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The Dimes Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Love and Oceans
open up your arms
and feel the sunlight on your skin
cross your fingers it won't leave you
that this feeling never ends

never looking in the rear view
never had the time
with the sunshine in your hair
and your lover in your eyes

you're the stars up in the night sky

oh, oh, oh

we went running through waves
and you asked me for a sign
I said my love is like an ocean
and it sounded like a line

make our way around the world
reaching every port of call
smiling like a river
spilling over every wall

you're the stars up in the night sky

oh, oh, oh